Industry Verticals

Thinlabs Medical Cart Computers and POE Computers - improve quality of patient care; cost-effectively optimize clinical workflow; provide greater reliability and access to critical care information.
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PoE Computers for the Healthcare Industry | Thinlabs
Incorporate Thinlabs PoE semi-rugged Industrial Computers into your manufacturing enterprise, with IPC grade Motherboards, Conformal Coating & touch screen with tempered, shatter-proof glass.
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Industrial All-In-One Computers with Conformal Coating | Thinlabs
The retail market is turning to innovative, cost efficient PoE POS and Digital Signage solutions from Thinlabs - significantly reducing power requirements and providing ease of roll-out.
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PoE Digital Signage (Power Over Ethernet)
Thinlabs PoE computers reduce unnecesary wires at branches, while speeding up installation in back offices and improving workflow, providing greater reliability and a safer working environment.
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Dual-Screen PoE Computers for Banking & Finance | Thinlabs
PoE Computers and Digital Signage from Thinlabs help reduce the cost of information dissemination while improving safety and security in the Hospitality and Travel industries.
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24" Integrated All-In-One PoE Computer
All-in-one Computers and VDI systems from Thinlabs add great value and performance to organizations across all sectors.
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All-In-One Integrated Touch Computers

POE Computers

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) computers - a strong low power computing platform with significant electrical, cost and implementation savings, comfortably running data and power over a single network cable up to 100 meters from POE 802.3at+ power sources.


Why is ESG big for the world and how Thinlabs can help them get there.