Horizon 7 and Blast Extreme Compatibility - Thinlabs PoE Devices

Thinlabs has a policy of manufacturing devices that are future proof. The words future-proof may sound simple, but what it means to our end customers is that the devices we manufacture will work with leading virtualisation systems and feature x86 platforms, meaning almost all of the leading Operating Systems can be supported.

We pride ourselves in our devices’ longevity, and also offer support to customers who might otherwise have to purchase expensive hardware and software licenses.

Blast Extreme and Horizon 7

All Thinlabs devices will work with VMWare's new protocol - Blast Extreme, which was introduced by VMWare to counter performance issues with the PCoIP protocol faced by customers. Not only do customers have thin clients that work well with Horizon 7, but these devices can also feature touchscreens and can be powered over Ethernet (PoE) cabling alone.

Thinlabs, a Cisco Solution Partner for its range of PoE devices, offers a 22” Full HD integrated all-in-one computer, running a Quad Core processor with Windows 10 IoT / Linux, and compatible with VMWare Horizon 7 and Blast Extreme protocols.