Industrial Thin Client Computers

Industrial Computers vs. Smart Thin Clients (updated 2019-06-14)

Harsh work environments can be unforgiving on an organization’s technology and devices.  Business devices in manufacturing environments can be subjected to extreme temperatures, sudden jolts or vibrations, and excessive dust and dirt, among other realities.

Some manufacturers currently use Industrial Grade Thin Client PCs to work through such environments.  However, as these organizations continuously look to improve processes and resources to speed innovation and time-to-market, while controlling and protecting their IT investments, many of these progressive manufacturers are looking to smart thin client computing as a cost-effective and reliable IT network alternative.

From the factory floor to the corporate office, industrial grade thin clients from Thinlabs will allow organizations to standardize on a single secure platform while maintaining a low total cost of ownership from their IT investment.

ThinlabsIndustrial Computers, which incorporate touch screen technology, conformal protective coating, Wi-Fi, PoE connectivity, and VESA mounting options include:

HELIOS - These all-in-one, integrated and industrial grade thin clients are designed to deploy touch-friendly applications in locations where space is at a premium, such as manufacturing/production lines, forges and warehouses.

ARGUS – This zero footprint, industrial-grade thin client, available with 19" or 22" monitors, is designed for use on the corporate desktop, such as in research & development, logistics and human resources departments, as well as administrative offices.

KREIOS – This series of industrial grade AIO Integrated Smart Clients is an energy efficient and reliable option in a small package, featuring the latest Quad Core CPU with 4 GB DDR3 RAM and 64 GB SSD standard, yet uses less than 15W.