Thinlabs Implements LLDP For Full Compatibility with Cisco’s PoE+, UPoE Switches

Thinlabs has added another feather to its crown - for the first time ever, LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) has been implemented on a desktop computer for the purpose of utilising PoE to power the device. With this additional feature, Thinlabs PoE (Power Over Ethernet) computers can not only negotiate power requirements (and therefore actually reduce the power used by our already incredibly low energy consuming desktop and digital signage devices), but also add other important features when combined with a Cisco Switch and Network. With LLDP enabled, Cisco users can experience improved QoS, faster network discovery and take advantage of built-in security features that Cisco’s networks provide. In addition, Thinlabs LLDP devices will be able to take advantage of CEM (Cisco Energy Manager) solutions to report and manage power consumption more intelligently.

Thinlabs devices are also compatible with LLDP on Meraki, HP, Netgear, Phihong, Black Box, Power D Sine POE switches / mid span injectors and other Thinlabs-approved devices.

Remember that these advantages are in addition to the benefits that Thinlabs PoE computers inherently bring to businesses:

  • Cost and resource reduction - no plug points or electrical cabling required
  • Faster time to install and productivity - powered over Ethernet cabling means it is easier to implement
  • Green, environment friendly, low energy consuming solution
  • Increased installation and flexibility - move Ethernet cabling and your device can be installed virtually anywhere

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