Thinlabs Power Consumption Savings Calculations

Following up from my first blog on “Perhaps the most energy efficient computer in the world?”, here’s an illustration on how using Thinlabs’ computers can contribute directly to the bottom line.


For calculation purposes, I propose the following method:

EActive – Electricity used during productivity hours; computer is actively used
EIdle – Electricity used during idle hours; computer is on but not being used
ESleep – Electricity used when the computer is in sleep mode

ETotal = EActive+ EIdle + ESleep

For the basis of this calculation, let's assume that EIdle + ESleep is the same for both Thinlabs and Non-Thinlabs’ devices.


So considering an installed base of about 1000 standard computers - assuming an existing average power consumption of 100W per computer while in operation, and if devices are used for 5 hours, 5 times a week at active (EActive) usage, the power consumed by the standard computers would be

100W x 5 Hours x 22 days x 12 Months = 132000 Watt-Hours (132 KWh) per year.


The same number of Thinlabs’ 22” computers would consume

25W x 5 Hours x 22 days x 12 Months = 33000 Watt-Hours (33 KWh),

a 75% savings in power consumed (99 KWh). Multiplying this by 1000 users results in a savings of approximately 99000 KWh (99 MWh) per year.

Device Power Consumed Thinlabs Savings - 1000 Devices
Standard Desktop - 22" Monitor 100W (average) 99MWh
Thinlabs Desktop - 22" 25W (average) -----

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