Industrial Thin Clients for Humid / Dusty Environments

Many industries experience high humidity, dust or other foreign particles as a side-effect of their manufacturing or other processes. It is generally assumed that the only option for having a reliable product is to use a fully-sealed computer.  These tend to be difficult to upgrade/modify (adding extra RAM, increasing memory), or are restricted in the types of I/O ports available in these devices.  These devices also tend to be expensive and are restrictive in their use (i.e. cannot be deployed for other business operations).
Thinlabs computers / thin clients offer a viable alternative for organizations in the manufacturing sector. 
No moving parts:  Featuring a fanless design and solid state drives (SSDs), Thinlabs devices have no moving parts that could get restricted or damaged.
IPC motherboards:  Thinlabs devices are built for 24/7 operation and feature IPC motherboards designed with long-life components that improve reliability and deliver outstanding performance year-in and year-out.
Conformal coating:  Thinlabs devices are conformally coated in our factories that allow our devices to perform in humid / dusty industrial conditions. This helps in increasing reliability of the board and the computer in adverse environments.
Power over Ethernet (PoE):  Thinlabs POE Computers work under IEEE’s 802.3at standard, which means they do not need a plug point near the unit to operate.  This reduces risks of electrical faults (owing to the plug points being exposed to humid/dusty conditions) and helps minimize electrical outlet installation costs.
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