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# File Description Version Date Download
1 ADITI Quad Core AiO Medical Cart Computers

Thinlabs ADITI Integrated Medical Cart Computer

PDF 04/23/2018
2 AMD Quad Core Integrated Computers

Thinlabs Integrated Computers with AMD Quad Core Technology

PDF 10/03/2014
3 HELIOS Quad Core IP65 Integrated Computer / Thin Client

Thinlabs Integrated Touch IP65 Computers / Thin Clients with Quad Core Technology

PDF 06/10/2016
4 HELIOS Quad Core Open Frame Computer

HELIOS AiO Industrial Open Frame Computer from Thinlabs w/ W7e and AMD Quad Core CPU (portrait format)

PDF 06/10/2016
5 KREIOS Quad Core Thin Client Computer

Thinlabs KREIOS Thin Client Computer with Intel Quad Core CPU

PDF 06/10/2016
6 Medical All-In-One Computers

Thinlabs Medical All-In-One Computers

PDF 10/03/2019
7 POE or Wireless

If you're considering wireless computers, check out Thinlabs PoE Computer Solutions

PDF 07/12/2019
8 POE Quadcore Desktop Computer

Thinlabs Quadcore Desktop Computer w. POE

PDF 03/20/2018
9 POE Quadcore Healthcare Computer

Thinlabs PoE Healthcare Computers w. Quadcore CPU

PDF 05/17/2018
10 Power over Ethernet (PoE) Digital Signage

Thinlabs Power over Ethernet (PoE) Digital Signage Solutions

PDF 07/12/2019