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# File Description Version Date Download
41 Power over Ethernet (PoE) Digital Signage

Thinlabs Power over Ethernet (PoE) Digital Signage Solutions

PDF 07/12/2019
42 Quad Core Open Frame Computer | HELIOS

Thinlabs HELIOS AiO Industrial Open Frame Computer w/ W7e and AMD Quad Core CPU (landscape format)

PDF 06/10/2016
43 Quad Core Video Drivers

For use on TL2640 / TL2530 / TL8610 / TL8510 Quad Core models - for systems (primarily Windows 10 Pro) experiencing intermittent video delay, choppy mouse movement (very large file - over 500 MB)

17.4.4 - W10P-64 bit 04/25/2019
44 Quadcore LVDS ROM Update

This Thinlabs ROM Fix resolves system issues where the system LED screen is blank, but the computer works with an HDMI monitor attached. Rename extension to .ZIP after download. Instructions included in README.TXT. (TL2530, TL2640, TL8510, TL8610 models)

ZIP 11/09/2018
45 RDP 8.1 Update (32-bit systems)

RDP 8.1 Update for Thinlabs Dual Core systems (TL2100, TL2200, TL6000, TL7400, TL8300, TL8400 models; instructions included)

ZIP 08/11/2016
46 RDP 8.1 Update (64-bit systems)

RDP 8.1 Update for Thinlabs Quad Core systems (TL2300, TL2400, TL8500, TL8600 models; instructions included)

ZIP 08/12/2016
47 SBP816 Power Bank

SBP816 Power Bank for ADITI Medical Cart Computers

PDF 03/01/2016
48 Solar PC Lab

Thinlabs Solar PCs - what's required for a 40 Solar PC lab?

PDF 07/16/2018
49 Solar Quadcore Computer Solutions

Thinlabs Solar Computer Solutions w. Quadcore CPU (portrait format)

PDF 05/22/2018
50 TDM 3.0 - Backup Firmware Image

Instructions for backing up a system's firmware image - TDM 3.0

PDF 06/06/2014