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Revolutionizing Display Computing | Thinlabs

Since 1998, Thinlabs has been the leading independent manufacturer of next-generation PoE Computers and Digital Signage, offering the widest range of All-in-One Computers and desktop computing with specific solutions for the healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, education and financial sectors. Thinlabs has set the standard in PoE Computers, digital signage and kiosks, and has developed next generation solutions for the Smart Building.

“Low Power Does Not Translate to Low Performance”

Thinlabs Power Over Ethernet Computers can be powered either by using network switches (IEEE's 802.3at and Cisco's UPoE standards) or PoE injectors, and do not require electrical wiring or plug points.

  • Performance Without The Power: PoE can power all-in-one systems with performance levels equivalent to an I7 system running three screens simultaneously.
  • Cost Elimination: With no need for electrical plug points, electrical wiring or expensive electricians, and resulting reduced transportation and procurement costs, Thinlabs' PoE Computers significantly reduce IT infrastructure costs.
  • Shorter project timelines: Thinlabs PoE Computers can be installed in hours / days, reducing project timelines by high margins and speeding up time to productivity.
  • Greener solution:  Thinlabs PoE Computers come under the low voltage directive and are among the most energy-efficient computers in the world, consuming on average about 1/3rd the power. Thinlabs PoE computers are the must-have green solution for the Enterprise.