The Thinlabs Culture

A strong and solid corporate culture is the foundation upon which a successful organization grows and prospers.  Over the years, Thinlabs has created a unique corporate culture that supports our employees and partners, while delivering innovation and results for our customers.

Thinlabs’ employees are the company’s most important assets.  With their expertise, dedication and hard work, our company has become a leading provider of smart client technology and the thin client computing platform.

Thinlabs is committed to creating a fair, diverse and innovative working environment.   Our ongoing education and training programs ensure that our team members are continuously at the leading edge of industry and technology knowledge and expertise, thus delivering significant long-term value and guidance to our customers, while supporting our employees’ career development.

Our team’s extensive experience helps deliver quality smart client solutions that cost-effectively address the needs and requirements of organizations worldwide, and set the standard for thin client technology.