Frequently Asked Questions

Thinlabs Quad Core products (TL10, TL23, TL24, TL25, TL26, TL85, TL86) support Windows 10.

Thinlabs Dual Core products (TL2100, TL2200, TL6000, TL8300, TL8400) do not support Windows 10.


We accept company check, wire transfer or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express).  For companies requiring additional credit, the Thinlabs Leasing Program for Business is also available.


We are located at:
225 Lincoln Highway, Ste 178
Fairless Hills, PA  19030


Thinlabs has a North American operation headquartered in Fairless Hills, PA,
and an Europe, Middle East and African operation headquartered in the United Kingdom.


  • Is the USB port in working condition?
  • Does a different device work in the same USB port?
  • Does the same USB device work in a different USB port?
  • Are the devices designed for only USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 compatibility?


You can request a quote by sending us your requirement via email, through our online Thinlabs Store, or by using the product inquiry form.


We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on units purchased for evaluation (i.e. no restocking fee).  Units purchased for evaluation must be guaranteed on a credit card.  An online Quote / Invoice with a credit card payment link will be emailed (alternately, large organizations can raise a PO with NET 30 terms).

If the product is returned within 30 days in good standing, either the refund will be applied to the credit card or the invoice voided.  See Thinlabs' Return Policy for more information.

Once a product is approved, you can open a business account with Net 30 terms for purchasing additional quantities by completing a business account credit application (subject to credit approval).

Orders are accepted via email for processing - verbal orders are not accepted.  Be sure to include a PO number if needed.


Thinlabs systems have two default user accounts (user / password),
Administrator / Administrator and User / User, respectively.

Devices by default automatically log onto the User account.

VNC Password: Admin

It is essential to change default passwords immediately to keep your IT environment secure.


Registered users of Thinlabs products receive the following benefits including, but not limited to
(access to some content requires registration to protect against software piracy and copyrights):

Contact a Thinlabs support representative for additional information.


Serial numbers of Thinlabs All-In-One Systems and Box Modules are 12 digits in length; serial numbers of ADITI Lithium Ion Batteries are 6 digits in length.

Certification stickers with serial numbers are located on the back of box client modules.

On integrated thin clients, there is a certification sticker on the back of the system;
newer models also have a 2nd serial number sticker either on the left side bezel or on the bottom of the bezel.

If the certification sticker has been destroyed, contact Thinlabs Support.


  • Turn the device OFF prior to cleaning.
  • Use any standard glass cleaner to clean the touchscreen - AVOID PRODUCTS CONTAINING AMMONIA.
  • DO NOT spray glass cleaner directly on the LCD - it could leak inside a non-sealed unit and cause damage.
  • Spray glass cleaner on a cloth / towel and then clean the touchscreen. A clean microfiber cloth can also be used.