My Touch Screen PC doesn't work

Applies to: TL22, TL24, TLI84, TL86 models

First, reboot your system to see if power is restored to the Touch Screen.


Check the Tablet PC Input Service to see if stopped on your system.

  • Press the Start button, select Control Panel
  • Select Services
  • Scroll down to Tablet PC Input Service, right click your mouse and select Properties
  • On the General Tab:
    • Be sure that Start Type is set to Automatic
    • If the service is stopped, press Start to start the service
      (the touch screen may not yet be operational at this point)
  • On the Recovery Tab:
    • For the First Failure, Second Failure and Subsequent Failures options, select Restart the Service
  • For systems running Embedded software,
    commit changes through EWF.
  • Reboot the system. The touch screen should be working on reboot.