Windows 10

The latest version of Windows, available in a choice of Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 IOT Enterprise and Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB for our AMD Quad Core product offerings, provides the latest security features and functionalities, plus further simplifies the process to integrate devices into a company network.  Windows 10 comes standard with Internet Explorer 11 for providing powerful web browsing capabilities.  Thinlabs' W10 IOT Enterprise and Enterprise LTSB system partitions are write-protected using Unified Write Filter (UWF), giving administrators the ability to install selected Windows applications and commit changes.


Windows Embedded Standard 7

Windows Embedded Standard 7, based on the same binaries as Windows 7 Professional and supporting full Win32 APIs, runs existing Windows applications and off-the-shelf device drivers.

Thinlabs’ W7e solutions are ideal for connecting to web-based applications requiring ActiveX, JRE, Silverlight, or Microsoft .net Framework protocols.  With native Internet Explorer 8.0, a full-fledged browser supporting all popular plug-ins, users can connect to Virtual Desktops, Terminal Servers and SaaS web applications. Thinlabs’ W7e system partition also offers write protection using the Enhanced Write Filter (EWF). 


Thinlabs Smart Client OS (Linux)

For strong supporters of open source computing, Our Linux-based thin clients come with the latest Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

The Thinlabs Write Filter Manager is unique in the industry by allowing administrators to add / remove applications and committing changes simply by disabling and enabling write protection. 

The Linux-based thin clients, available in Thinlabs Linux, Linux (SUSE, Red Hat or Ubuntu), come with the latest Firefox and Google Chrome browsers with JRE and flash plug-ins. The native X11R6 support allows users to connect and run X applications centrally on Unix/Linux hosts. Thinlabs Linux includes Citrix XenApp Client with HDX support, VMware VMVIEW client with PCoIP support and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services to provide connectivity to hosted virtual Desktops or terminal servers sessions.


Platform Support Matrix

Operating System Supporting Thinlabs Models
Windows 10 HELIOS & ARGUS (Quad Core Series), KREIOS
Windows Embedded Standard 7 (W7e) HELIOS, ARGUS, ADITI, ORION, TALOS
Thinlabs Smart Client OS (Linux) All


Contact a Thinlabs representative to discuss which software platform best meets the technological requirements of your organization.