End of Life Product Updates (Jan 2020)

The following Thinlabs box modules and integrated systems will no longer be supported as of January 14 2020 (model numbers and first three digits of system numbers noted):

  • ORION - TL60 (600)
  • TALOS - TL30 (300)
  • ARGUS - TL21 (212, 214), TL83 (812, 814)
  • HELIOS - TL22 (222, 224), TL84 (822, 824)

This is also the same date that Microsoft no longer offers support on Windows 7 products.

For a limited time (through September 30th)Thinlabs will offer customers a special discounted trade-in price to help replace outdated Thinlabs all-in-one computers and outdated third-party thin clients! 

Additionally, The Windows Embedded Standard 10 Upgrade Kit will be available for supported products through January 14 2020.

On-line and paid telephone support plans will soon be available for the above-mentioned products after the dates listed, but hardware support will no longer be available.

Contact a Thinlabs representative for more information!