Industries have a unique set of company, technology, and trade-related needs and requirements that can significantly affect an organization’s IT spending and usage.

Thinlabs smart client technology allows organizations of all types a number of clear-cut advantages:

  • Strong centralized administration and management - efficiently and cost-effectively deploy the latest technologies and applications, perform system maintenance, backup / recover images and more, across diverse and geographically disperse work environments, using Thinlabs Device Manager Software (included free of charge with all new Thinlabs system purchases)
  • Allow quick response to ever-changing and evolving company procedures, processes and needs, as well as industry rules and regulations
  • Sharply-reduced IT expenses, including energy consumption, implementation time, administration, service & support
  • Significant software application savings - a PC-based enterprise requires software / licensing installed on all machines; a thin client infrastructure will require just enough licenses necessary for users running needed applications
  • Greater system flexibility, with an individual's applications available at any authorized seat
  • Increased user productivity due to sharply reduced system downtime
  • Eco-friendly - not only does a Thinlabs thin client technology solution use less than 1/6th the power required of PCs, but Thinlabs green series of All-In-One PC / POE Computers require a fraction of electrical installations as well, with power and network access running through a single cable


Thinlabs has proven experience working across a variety of vertical markets - select an industry below to see the advantages that a Thinlabs thin client implementation can do for your enterprise.