POE Computers for Healthcare Environments

Thinlabs Mobile Computers for Medcarts and POE Computers - improve quality of patient care; cost-effectively optimize clinical workflow; provide greater reliability and access to critical care information. 
  • Medical Grade
  • Antibacterial Plastics
  • Safe & Effective Low Power Usage
  • PoE or Mobile Cart Computers**
  • Long Lasting 36+ Hour Battery* with a Single Charge
  • Single & Dual LIB Computer Options**
  • Remote System Management
  • Optional Smart Card (Imprivata) or Biometric Identification System Support
  • Up to 4 Year Warranty
Click below for more information about Thinlabs low power healthcare computing solutions:
  • PoE - all-in-one Power Over Ethernet computers (power and network delivered through a single CAT5e / CAT6 cable for significant cost and power savings, while allowing greater scalability in setting up an IT enterprise)
  • ADITI - all-in-one touch screen mobile computers for medcarts (for customers needing real-time anytime anywhere data access; can be used on mobile carts, medcarts and inventory carts)
  • Thinlabs Device Manager - strong remote desktop management for your VDI implementation (included with Thinlabs system purchases, for remote system management by IT administrators)
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* Under normal operating conditions (Dual LIB).
** Carts not provided.