POE Computers for Healthcare Environments

Thinlabs Mobile Computers for Medcarts and POE Computers - improve quality of patient care; cost-effectively optimize clinical workflow; provide greater reliability and access to critical care information. Our healthcare customers use Thinlabs all-in-one devices as PoE or regular powered and these can be virtual machines or standard desktops. There is full support for smart card systems such as Imprivata on Windows as well as biometric identification systems if required.
Key features for the healthcare industry include:
  • Anti-bacterial plastics - Thinlabs devices are made from antibacterial plastics which make them better suited for hospitals as they proactively inhibit bacterial growth;
  • PoE wires - with one wire / cable - the surface area for microbes is reduced and cleaning is easier;
  • Safety - PoE uses less than 57V DC, which is below International Low Voltage Directive guidelines (60V) - it is absolutely safe to use with the general public and hospital staff, leading to improved safety;
  • Power usage - Save 250-350MWh of electricity when using Thinlabs PoE computers devices as opposed to standard computers (based on 1000 Thinlabs devices used over a year);
  • Infrastructure - no need for electrical wiring or cabling, or expensive electrical contractors - eliminating significant costs while improving installation times;
  • Mobile Computers for Medcarts - Our product range includes a battery operated computer where the battery integrated with the computer itself rather than a costly battery operated cart. This saves over 100% of the costs of a conventional battery cart + computer while refurbishing / upgrading and can be useful in extending budgets for customers.
Thinlabs low power computing solutions best suited for the needs of healthcare customers include:
  • PoE - all-in-one green series of Power Over Ethernet computers (delivering power and network through a single CAT5e / CAT6 cable for significant cost and power savings, while allowing greater scalability in setting up an IT enterprise)
  • ADITI - all-in-one touch screen mobile computers for medcarts (for customers needing real-time anytime anywhere data access; can be used on mobile carts, medcarts and inventory carts)
  • Thinlabs Device Manager - strong remote desktop management for your VDI implementation (included at no additional cost with Thinlabs system purchases, allows IT administrators to remotely manage systems, apply system updates, backup / restore / clone system images and more)
Contact a Thinlabs representative or review our brochure for more information on how Thinlabs can help your healthcare organization reap the benefits of smart client technology, or shop our current POE and Mobile computer offerings now!