Thin Client Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Hotels, resorts, and other companies involved in the hospitality industry can realize significant technology infrastructure and operating cost savings through the use of Thinlabs low power computers, in comparison with traditional PCs: 
  • A more secure VDI environment with business-critical data and applications residing and managed from a centralized server and not from vulnerable remote terminals or desktops; 
  • Significantly reduced power and energy consumption to support an organization's key green initiatives;
  • Providing customers the ability to quickly retrieve personal data, order services, and access the internet from their hotel room;
  • Greatly simplified remote system maintenance, upgrades and management, essential for customers without internal IT staff;
  • Green Power Over Ethernet technology for significant installation and power savings
  • Conformal coating to combat oils and residue in busy cooking areas
  • More efficient and secure exchange of information and data than traditional PCs - a centrally managed network feeding a series of smart clients across a hotel group or resort properties on a regional, national or global basis requires minimal maintenance and management, resulting in greatly improved operational efficiency, productivity, and return-on-investment.
Thinlabs low power computing solutions best suited for the hospitality industry include:
  • POE All-In-One Green series of POE computers (delivering power and network through a single CAT5e / CAT6 cable for significant cost and power savings) with conformal coating for customers needing highly reliable performance in tough working environments
  • HELIOS All-In-One touchscreen computers - for customers wanting a powerful yet environmentally friendly solution that can handle essential reservation, Point of Sale and service desk systems 24/7
  • ARGUS All-In-One integrated computers - all the functionality and advantages of the HELIOS, without the touch screen capabilities; great information displays (fast food restaurants)
  • KREIOS thin client computer - low budget solution, ideal for PoS, in-room & business office internet access for customers
  • Thinlabs Device Manager - the complete remote system management solution included at no additional cost with all Thinlabs system purchases; image backup / recovery; upgrades & task updates and more
For more information on how Thinlabs can serve up a low power computing solution for your organization, contact a Thinlabs representative today.