Industrial Computers from Thinlabs - Thin Clients for Tough Manufacturing Environments

Thinlabs PoE computers are semi-rugged, feature no moving parts and come with optional conformal coating which allows companies to use Thinlabs all-in-one computers in dusty, humid environments. Manufacturing companies looking to improve processes and resources to speed innovation and time-to-market, while minimizing IT expenses and maximizing profits, should make a strong case for incorporating Thinlabs Industrial Computers into their enterprise.

Benefits that Thinlabs Industrial Low Power Computing Solutions bring to manufacturers include:

  • Compatible with ThinManager®, the global leader in thin client management and industrial mobility solutions;
  • Conformal coating available on all Thinlabs product lines for operation in an industrial environment;
  • IP65 standard front panel available;
  • IPC motherboard and fanless design, to minimize the effects of dirt & dust;
  • No moving parts, for longer system service in the corporate enterprise;
  • Central system management, including system upgrades / updates, image backup / recovery, and more (when utilized with Thinlabs Device Manager)
Thinlabs products best suited for manufacturing customers include:
  • Thinlabs All-In-One Industrial Computers - featuring conformal coating and fanless design to handle the effects of metallic & carbon dust and oil residue, and POE technology for significant power savings
  • Thinlabs Device Manager - strong remote desktop management for your VDI implementation (included at no additional cost with Thinlabs system purchases, allows IT administrators to remotely manage systems, apply system updates, backup / restore / clone system images and more)
Contact a Thinlabs representative to learn more about Thinlabs' industrial computers and how they can help standardize your organization's cloud converged infrastructure, or shop our current Industrial Computer offerings now!