Thinlabs Retail Thin Client Solutions

Thinlabs customers increasingly use our all-in-one PoE computers for point of sale applications and digital signage in the retail space. Limiting the requirement for electrical wiring and plug points in a retail store, Thinlabs PoE computers can make your store safer and provide more flexibility, while improving customer services and information sharing.

Key features and benefits that Thinlabs low power computing and digital signage solutions bring to the retail / POS industry include:

  • Anti-bacterial plastics - Thinlabs computers are made from antibacterial plastics which make them better suited for the food industry as they proactively inhibit bacterial growth;
  • PoE wires - with one wire/cable - not only is the installation of PoE computers more flexible, the surface area for microbes is reduced and cleaning is easier.  Additionally, for installations involving a conveyor belt, only one type of power needs to be supplied to the till.
  • Safety - PoE uses less than 57V DC, which is lower than International Low Voltage Directive guidelines - it is absolutely safe to use with the general public and staff, leading to improved health and safety;
  • Lower Power usage - expect a saving of about 250-350MWh of electricity when using Thinlabs all-in-one computers as opposed to standard computers (based on 1000 Thinlabs devices used over a year);
  • Simplified Infrastructure - no need for electrical wiring or cabling, or expensive electrical contractors, eliminating significant costs while improving installation times;
  • Conformal Coating - devices can be conformally coated for usage in food preparation areas with oil and water vapor in the operating environments. Conformal coating increases reliability and improve performance in such conditions;
  • Printers over PoE - Thinlabs has the technology required to attach receipt printers over PoE as well, further reducing the cost of installation and enabling rapid roll out of kiosks by the use of Ethernet cabling alone.

Thinlabs has a variety of low power thin client solutions to handle the needs of the retail / point of sale industry, including:

  • HELIOS All-In-One touch screen computers (for self-serve checkouts; timecard management, ...)
  • PoE Computers - All-In-One integrated computers utilizing Power Over Ethernet technology (POE 802.3at+) for customers requiring system setups in places lacking electrical outlets
  • OPEN FRAME touch screen computers, for seamless integration into your company's kiosk enclosure (soda fountains, movie rental kiosks, fashion configurators and more); available with optional vandal-proof touch screen and tempered shatter-proof glass for high traffic areas
  • KREIOS thin client and zero client computers, for use in tight-fitting spots while requiring fast, secure access to IT applications stored at the server level, or for budget-conscious customers wishing to utilize existing IT assets as long as possible (monitors)
  • Thinlabs Device Manager - strong remote desktop management for your VDI implementation (included at no additional cost with Thinlabs system purchases, allows IT administrators to remotely manage systems, apply system updates, backup / restore / clone system images and more)

To learn more how Thinlabs can help your retail organization leverage smart client technology, contact a Thinlabs representative today.