All-in-One Integrated Thin Client and Smart Client Solutions

All-in-one Thin Clients, Integrated Thin Clients and Smart Client Solutions

When it comes to high-quality, eco-friendly technology and unmatched levels of customer service and attention, Thinlabs is the answer - recognized worldwide as the leading partner to transform your business using thin-client technology.

Thinlabs’ products underscore the company’s commitment to green computing.  Thinlabs’ all-in-one integrated thin client and smart client hardware offerings use 85% less power than PCs and reduce computer-related energy costs by up to 90%, as well as significantly reduce one’s CO2 footprint.

Our all-in-one thin clients and thin client computers are available in a variety of distinct and proven styles and configurations to meet your business needs for today and beyond. Whether it's corporate desktops, medical cart computers, all-in-one touch screen thin clients, zero clients, POE computers, industrial thin clients or enterprise remote device management, Thinlabs has the product that will positively transform your business.

Key Features & Differentiators

Our products are highly customizable with a variety of system enhancements available, including POE+ technology and Privacy Filters for our all-in-one thin clients, or Conformal Coating, Internal Wireless Antenna, Virtualization (Cirtix, VMWare, 2X), and Write Filter Protection for both MS Windows and Linux to suit your needs.

We also offer custom development solutions and consultation to meet specific customer requirements, including custom hardware development, custom embedded software and OEM branding.

Nucleus POE Fanless Mini-PC Solutions

Thinlabs' PoE Fanless NUC Solution is now available in single, dual, and quad display options. The entire solution, including the system and all monitors, is powered using a single PoE 802.3bt [PoE++] cable.

Medical All-In-One Computers

The Thinlabs Medical All-In-One Computer - perfectly suited for hospitals; with white anti-bacterial plastics and available in touch or non-touch options.

These specialized computers features a full 24” viewable screen...

Quad Display Computers | TL1100

The TL1100 is Thinlabs’ ultra-high performance desktop computer module with 4k Quad Display capabilities.

Patent Pending

ARGUS Dual screen PoE solutions from Thinlabs, available in 19", 22" & 24" screen sizes, and can be powered by Cisco UPoE or high power POE injectors.

Solar All-In-One Computers

Thinlabs new All-In-One (AIO) Solar Powered Computers can be powered directly by a compact solar panel without the need for high maintenance external batteries and expensive inverters.

Digital Signage Solutions

Enhance your customer's experience, display important prominently, and promote your business without being tied to electrical plug points with Thinlabs' PoE Digital Signage Solutions!

Mobile Computers for Medical Carts | ADITI

The ADITI series of All-In-One Mobile Computers for Medical Carts - the mobile cart solution, designed for heavy-duty long-lasting use in mission-critical mobile environments - mobile carts, medcarts, nurse stations and inventory carts.

Touch Screen Thin Client Computer | HELIOS

The HELIOS touch screen computer - a Thinlabs signature product; an all-in-one, integrated, LCD smart client designed for deploying mission-critical touch-friendly applications; ideal for manufacturing lines, healthcare facilities, kiosks and point-of-sale stations where performance is of utmost...

All-In-One Integrated Computer | ARGUS

The ARGUS series of zero footprint integrated computers - an all-in-one thin client ergonomically designed specifically for use on corporate desktops, sporting a powerful Quad Core chipset, along with dual monitor support and multiple external ports.

POE Computers

Power Over Ethernet Computers / All-In-One Thin Clients from Thinlabs provide a host of technical benefits and scalable features while enhancing your company's green computing initiatives, delivering power and data through a single cable, significantly reducing electrical costs.

Industrial All-In-One Computers

Thinlabs All-In-One Industrial Computers are heavy-duty systems built for long lasting performance, seamlessly integrating into your company's kiosk enclosures as Openframe Computer products, or are available with Anti-Bacterial Plastics.

Quad Core Thin Client Computer | KREIOS

The KREIOS thin client computer, the latest in Thinlabs' line of highly-customizable thin client solutions, featuring Intel Quad Core technology, available with Windows 10 / 7, Thinlabs Embedded Linux, or a variety of Linux flavors, including Suse, Red Hat Linux and Ubuntu.