Capture Your Customer’s Attention with Digital Signage

Digital signage continues to be an important part of customer facing information, marketing and sales activity. Digital signage is colorful, eye-catching and coupled with the ability of updates and changes in real time, is indispensable to the retail, services and transportation industry. I find that when I’m travelling, my eyes search for the ubiquitous screen for information, and when I’m shopping they are drawn to bright imagery and videos. These screens are everywhere but they’re needed to dispense that all-important information.

There are a number of challenges to installing these screens in shops and malls. Firstly there is the provision of electricity to be taken care of. You want to install these signages in areas of high foot traffic for obvious reasons. Supplying electricity to these regions, however, could be expensive - owing to complicated wiring requirements and with the public involved, it is also essential for electrical wiring to be safe and secure.

Introducing Thinlabs PoE (Power over Ethernet) Computers, available in touch and non-touch options - with Ethernet cabling carrying both power and data, you solve two problems in one go, location and safety.

Ethernet cables can carry power for up to 100 meters which means having one cable for both power and data. Additionally, installing Ethernet cabling is much more straightforward and is governed by fewer rules in comparison to electrical cabling.

PoE is also transmitted at a voltage that is below the European Low Voltage Directive Scheme. This implies that PoE is safe to use and not considered hazardous.

With a range of devices, and Thinlabs Device Manager 4.0, the next generation, enterprise class full management suite offered free of charge*, Thinlabs’ PoE Computers are part of your digital signage solution that will help save you time and money to implement, while bringing new customers into your place of business. Contact us today for more information!


* Limited time offer - complementary one-hour software consultation (including demonstration and remote installation) for new customers; free migration from Aurora 3.x systems to TDM 4.0 for existing customers.