Thinlabs Thin Client Solutions for the Food Industry

The food industry is a vibrant place - with customers placing a premium on freshly cooked, piping hot food, especially in fast food restaurants, it is the technology equipment that will (literally) take some heat. Oil vapors, humidity and the use of cleaning materials puts computers in a demanding environment which could result in premature failures and malfunction.

Thinlabs provides thin client solutions which provide cost effective methods to tackle the oil and humidity problems faced by the industry.

  • All-In-One Form Factor: An all-in-one thin client / computer that eliminates cabling (HDMI / DVI / VGA) between the computer and the monitor owing to its integrated format - Thinlabs thin client computers with VESA mount can be installed anywhere.  Gone are the days of long cabling for both the monitor and desktop device, resulting in lower procurement and installation costs.  These are available with touch and non-touch screen options.
  • Industrial Grade Motherboards:  With IPC grade motherboards, Thinlabs computers are more reliable as components are designed to face tough industrial conditions.
  • Conformal CoatingThinlabs Industrial Computers come standard with conformal coating to add a layer of protective coating that further protects computer components, making them impervious to dust, oil vapors and water vapor.
  • Power Over Ethernet Technology: you can deploy an all-in-one POE Computer with a Dual Core or Quad Core processor, using less than 30W of power.  The devices do not require separate electrical plugs, thereby reducing cost of installation even further and significantly reducing deployment time as well while promoting your green technology efforts.

Thinlabs devices promise to be a cost effective, speedy solution for the food industry, especially when time and money is of the essence.  Contact a Thinlabs representative for more information.


About Thinlabs:

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All Thinlabs smart clients are rated as 100% eco-friendly, innovative and sustainable solutions.

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