Want Big Total-Cost of Ownership Savings? Try Thin Clients

Total Cost of Ownership and Your Thin Client Network

A worldwide and well-respected technology consultancy, a well-managed thin client environment can help significantly reduce an organization’s total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) by as much as 42 percent (source:  Gartner) versus a traditional PC network.

There is no question that thin clients can deliver a host of direct and indirect benefits. From environmental advantages and productivity efficiencies to greater security, reliability and manageability, thin clients have an impressive TCO for enterprises. However, if one’s thin client platform isn’t managed properly with an active asset management process and tools, the TCO of thin clients may fall short of expectations.

Some of the additional costs needed to migrate an organization to a thin client environment can scare some potential adopters of the technology, including creating the server hardware and software needed to run the thin client network, and to build redundancy to ensure 100 percent uptime. However, the period of time to realize a return-on-investment from a thin client network significantly helps to offset many of the direct and indirect setup and operating costs.

According to industry experts, thin clients offer a quick payback period of only three months, while traditional PCs may show a return-on-investment after eight months for managed PC networks and even longer for an unmanaged PC network.

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