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Ravi Ramanuja
Thinlabs products are highly customizable to suit a wide variety of customer needs.
Read Sachit Baliga's recent article about PoE and enhancing EHR security, published in the September 2015 edition of Health Management Technology.
Ravi Ramanuja
Read about how Thinlabs’ POE Computers can contribute directly to your bottom line.

The following Thinlabs box modules and integrated systems will no longer be supported as of August 31 2015:

  • ADEN - TL50 (500)
  • ARGUS - TL71 (767, 770)

The following Thinlabs all-in-one integrated systems and thin clients will no longer be supported as of September 30 2015:

  • ARGUS - TL91 (259, 260)
                 - TL81 (810)
  • HELIOS - TL92 (269, 270)
                 - TL82 (820, 821)
                 - TL72 (867, 868, 869, 870, 871)

Additionally, The Windows Embedded Standard 7 Upgrade Kit will be available for supported products through September 30 2015.

On-line and paid telephone support plans will soon be available for the above-mentioned products after the dates listed, but hardware support will no longer be available.  Take advantage of upgrading your systems to the latest technologically advanced Thinlabs all-in-one integrated computers and box client modules available.  An updated Thinlabs Serial Number legend is available for review on request.

Ravi Ramanuja
Quad Core POE Computers from Thinlabs use one-third the power of a standard computer, while offering generous RAM capacity and superior graphics.
The TLO-110 - the highly customizable, rugged, vandal-proof, touch screen computer with optional IP65 compliant front panel.
Learn about Thinlabs' Business Program, Vandal-Proof Computers, Biometric Computing Solutions and More in the June 2015 Newsletter!
The new Business Leasing Program from Thinlabs – get the capital your company needs for acquiring the necessary IT assets to beat the competition.
Thinlabs’ Custom Development Solutions team are experts at incorporating an enterprise’s biometric solution at any level and complexity.
More Thinlabs techno-jargon for the beginning and intermediate level user (N thru Z), updated periodically.


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