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Ravi Ramanuja

The food industry is a vibrant place - with customers placing a premium on freshly cooked, piping hot food, especially in fast food restaurants, it is the technology equipment that will (literally) take some heat. Oil vapors, humidity and the use of cleaning materials puts computers in a demanding environment which could result in premature failures and malfunction.

Thinlabs provides thin client solutions which provide cost effective methods to tackle the oil and humidity problems faced by the industry.

  • All-In-One Form Factor:...
Ravi Ramanuja
Many industries experience high humidity, dust or other foreign particles as a side-effect of their manufacturing or other processes. It is generally assumed that the only option for having a reliable product is to use a fully-sealed computer.  These tend to be difficult to upgrade/modify (adding extra RAM, increasing memory), or are restricted in the types of I/O ports available in these devices.  These devices also tend to be expensive and are restrictive in their use (i.e. cannot be deployed for other business operations).
Thinlabs computers /...
Ravi Ramanuja
Thin clients vs desktops - which is best?

As thin client computers continue to become more ‘powerful’, there is a growing demand for them as a replacement for regular desktop computers.  For example, Thinlabs’ flagship device is a Full HD 22 inch integrated computer powered by a Quad Core processor. The inherent security features of thin clients (with Windows Embedded and Linux operating systems) make them an attractive proposition - the advantages of write filters make them more resistive against viruses / trojans and provide for...

Ravi Ramanuja

How has the retail industry changed in the past decade or so? One answer stands out - Electronic POS (Point Of Sale) systems. Like ‘em or hate ‘em, they are always on, efficient, and are a big relief to people (myself included) who would prefer not to interact with other humans!

Electronic POS systems are prevalent in the retail industry and have played a major role by reducing costs, increasing sales and improving customer experience for the sector. The industry has already embraced digital catalogs,...

Ravi Ramanuja
Industrial PC (IPC) Motherboards increase the reliability of thin clients.
As more organisations embrace virtualisation and employ client-server models, they bank on a few key aspects that virtualised desktops bring to the table:
1)  Security
2)  Control and Ease of Administration
3)  Reliability
Thinlabs' Industrial Thin Clients are...
Audrie Valencia
Zero Clients / Thin Client vs. Zero Client - Thinlabs

Zero Clients

Not a Zero Sum Game for Today’s Enterprise Network

Zero clients were born in 2007 when a company called Teradici introduced an Integrated Circuit (IC) chip that compressed and decompressed data better than any technology previously.  Teradici built its unique technology chips into zero client hardware both on the server and client sides - the concept wasn’t fully embraced by the marketplace, however, and its hardware quickly disappeared from enterprise networks over the years...

Ravi Ramanuja

POE Computers - A Smart, Flexible Money-Saving Solution

The network continues to take a more central role in an organisation. As more computers and peripherals are "connected", companies are realising the benefits of employing converged architecture for everything from controlling systems and building management systems, to transportation (escalators/ elevators) and energy management.
This blog post focuses on energy management and computers, and how the network can play a big role in making organisations more sustainable. Here are five reasons why...

Audrie Valencia

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Should I Drive a Thin, Smart or Zero Client?

Thin client technology is gaining traction daily as more organizations worldwide jump on the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) highway. However, nearly everyone has the same question before taking their VDI journey – Is a Thin Client, Smart Client or Zero Client best for my organization?

Whileeach can deliver tremendous cost, productivity and environmental efficiencies to an organization, there are differences that need to be taken into consideration.

Smart clients, which can run .NET...

Audrie Valencia

Thinlabs and Thin Clients: The Perfect “Green” Partners

As a company, Thinlabs is committed to helping protect our environment and lessen the impact of its products on our world throughout their lifecycles. Thin clients are the ideal platform to take advantage of green computing technology, and Thinlabs’ products underscore the company’s commitment to green IT.

Thinlabs thin clients:

  • Use nearly 85% less power than PCs (thin clients use...
Audrie Valencia

Reaching for the “Clouds” with Thin Clients

Today, while organizations are reaching for the stars when it comes to corporate profits, their IT organizations are finding success in the “clouds.”

More than one-third of companies worldwide have embraced cloud computing to date, with more joining their ranks daily. Many are using thin client technology to tap into the cloud and realize the cost-savings and workflow efficiencies of smart thin clients and cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a growing approach to provisioning and delivering on-demand services, solutions and...